What Does it Mean to Live from the Heart?

The highest form of love is in fact much simpler and more meaningful than we have ever imagined.  

By aligning with this love through the wisdom of the heart, we open our world to new possibilities of connection - not just within ourselves but to one another and the world around us.

As open hearts lead to open lives - new possibilities and pathways become available, and the wisdom, creativity and understanding of the heart activates us with a meaningful fulfillment that will forever shape our life’s journey. 

A Path to a Meaningful Living  

In this experience you will learn how to develop a sincere relationship with the heart. You’ll be supported with heart-opening meditation practice, lessons for practical application to open-hearted living and a revolutionary understanding of what is possible through the energies of the heart.

What the Course Achieves

Living from the Heart: A Guided Experience invites you to move beyond the mental and cultural experience of love, and into life of true open-heartedness.  

Throughout the 5 sections of the course, we’ll share meditations, lessons, and guidance for exercise designed to support you as you learn to expand the depth of the heart.

What You Receive 

“Living from the Heart: A Guided Experience” offers students a conceptual understanding of heart, inquiries for developing a sincere relationship with the needs of the heart, a cumulative meditation practice, and lessons for practical application to open-hearted living. 

This five part course consists of: 

  • An Introduction: The Heart as a Way of Life
  • The Heart and the Self
  • The Heart and Others 
  • The Heart and The World  

Each part of the course contains: 

  • Five 5 - 7 minute audio talks, one on each topic, with contemplative opportunities
  • Heart Opening Video Meditations 

Join this course to....

Transform your understanding of “love” with an expansive definition of the power of open-hearted living through the lens of your spiritual journey  


Understand the needs and desires of the heart with honest inquiry exercises and the accompanying journal prompts to see the truth of your needs and the possibilities of life through the lens of the open heart 


Receive the practice of deepening the heart in order to expand your interior life, your relationships and your impact on the world 


Lay the groundwork for deeper interior exploration and connection to the Higher Self through our foundational techniques and practices.

Curriculum Preview

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  Part One
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  Part Two
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  Part Three
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